Pastor Howard and Lucia Andersen 
have a passion to share what God has done in their lives, 
as individuals, as a couple, and within their family.

They want to share His love and faithfulness with as many people as they can.  
They have had a specific desire to share God’s love with those who are
hurting and share love for their local community.
Whether someone is working in municipal government, corporate spheres,
the medical field, entertainment industry, or
have recently been released from incarceration;
Pastor Howard and Lucia’s journey led them to launch a faith-based
recovery program that they've been a part of for decades.  
It is from this work that Refuge Christian Fellowship was born....  

Here at Refuge, we believe in groups!
We believe in community!  
We believe that the greatest transformations happen through relationships!  
We believe every person should be connected to a group of people
who encourage and support each other in their spiritual journey and in the
day-to-day challenges of life.