We are so glad that your desire is to be a part of what the Lord is doing here at Refuge! We are excited to see what the Lord has in store for you as you partner with us in His work. Have you ever noticed that when we sing praises, when we give tithes and when we participate in the process of serving the Lord together something amazing happens deep within our hearts?
As we serve, we discover the heart of God in ways that books, classes or seminars never can.
So let's get started!


1. Let us know what you think...

2. Be willing to fill in the gaps...

3. Be ready!

We try to make it easy for everyone to volunteer in our church,
so there is no set minimum requirement or amount of time you can serve.
Ideally, the majority of our volunteers are serving in a service each week,
however if you can only serve once every two weeks or once a month,
that is fine as well.

If you’d like to volunteer at Refuge contact us.